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Green Mediterranean  


The Slovene coast which measures 46.6 kilometres is covered with abundant vegetation. Here is a natural reserve with a rich supply of marl and sandstone and the unique Strunjan cliff which ascends 80 metres above the sea and is the highest flysch wall on the Adriatic coast.

Here are the Sečovlje saltworks, first mentioned in the 13th century. Due to their extremely abundant natural and historical heritage they were named a regional park and are a rich sanctuary of plant and animal worlds. They play a very important role in the world of ornithology, because they offer ideal conditions for birds due to the warm climate and abundance of food in the saltwork pools. So about 200 bird species have been seen at the saltworks and they provide a natural habitat for about 80 bird species which nest there.

Here the towns of Piran, Izola and Koper attract visitors with their medieval image. Koper with its historical core represents one of the most picturesque parts of the northern part of the Istrian Peninsula. Water sports are very important; there are many regattas in the Bay of Koper and the town has built a small marina. It also organises the Summer Festival of Primorska. The town’s surroundings and the countryside are exceptionally attractive: the steep rock walls by Črni Kal and Osp provide an ideal place for lovers of free climbing and the countryside “ boasts” specific culinary and wine offers.



Recently declared the fourth most favoured holiday destinations of the world, India is fast picking up pace for adventure sports.
This is an area that has caught up not only as a hobby but as a serious profession. However, very few people know that India is highly untapped for adventure sports. It has the best of natural land and water facilities that an adventure sportsperson could ever wish for.

Whether you want to experience, the thrill of skiing down slopes of snow, rafting on some of the most exciting rivers in the country, trekking on beautiful lands, or hand gliding over deep gorges, India has everything to offer the braveheart.

India offers both variety and fun at prices that are most competitive. The diversity one comes across is staggering. While its mountains provide heli skiing, river running, trekking and mountaineering and its beaches provide excitement and fun of a different kind, the jungles provide ample opportunities for shooting wild life- with a camera.
If you have not had adventure in India, then you need to because you don’t know what adventure is about until you experience it in India!



Situated on the two sides of the Mures river (its northern part lies in the Crisana province while its southern part is in the Banat Area 7,754 sq km 479,575 inhabitants (1995) Relief gradually descending from the east to the west, with the Western Carpathians covering 30% of the county's area, the Western Hills 15% and the Western Plain 50% Climate temperately-continental


Landmarks capital city of the Arad county; stretched along the banks of the Mures river; area 39.4 sq km; 187,286 inhabitants (1995); important economic centre with old cultural traditions and two universities Historical background 12th c. - first written record; between 1552-1600 and 1616-1687 respectively - under Ottoman rule (in 1600 was freed by the army of the Wallachian prince Michael the Brave); 1687-1867 - under the sway of the Hapsburg Empire; 1867-1918 - under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; September 1940 - seized by Hungary (Vienna Diktat); September 1944 - freed by Romanian troops Access by train - Bucharest (599 km), Timisoara (57 km), Oradea (121 km); by road - DN7 Bucharest (543 km), E64 Deva (153 km), E64 Nadlac (border on Hungary, 47 km away), DN69/E671 Timisoara (50 km), DN79/E671 Oradea (115 km); by air - international airport



I had a window box planter installed outside the window of my room, and then planted Begonias which made me want to wake up early in the morning to water them and appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

I also placed decorative planters in different places inside the house with Sympathy Peace Lilies and Bromeliads planted in them.

Finding the planters that will suit your needs can be hard as growing a Venus Flytrap but it is as rewarding as well. It is a good thing that there are many options to choose from.

Some tips you can take from me is to consider the style of your home, take some measurements and choose accordingly.

Did I mention this, for me, is also a therapeutic activity and a sure great way to add color and unexpected charm to your home.

You can browse planters by categories or shop by material, by color, by price, and by features. Some items are offered with free shipping, for example DMC Chippendale Standing Planters.

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