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Island Of Sifnos  


This is a nice way to start your trip to Greece. It's a quiet and beautiful island that has retained its Greek character where you can relax and get yourself acclimated to Greek life.

You may never want to leave. And with the new High-Speed Cats you can be there in a little more than 2 hours! I have spent at least two weeks here every summer since 1984 and before that my parents used to go here.

If you are traveling with children this is my first choice. The beach at Kamares is shallow, with cafes and restaurants right there on the sand. Platiyialos is one of the most beautiful beach towns in Greece.

Island-Hopping and Combinations  


For people traveling to the Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos) and the more popular islands like Crete and Rhodes, choosing an island package is often the best way to go.

On Fantasy Travel's website you can pick your hotels and choose which islands you want to visit. You can go to from one to five islands and they will take care of the details of getting you from one island to the next.

These are not tours and you are not with a group. You can also customize your trip to suit your individual needs.

Ferryboats to the Greek Islands  


The best way to the Greek islands is by ferry boat.They are cheap and relaxing with restaurants, snack bars and beautiful scenery. The boats to the far Greek islands like Crete, Rhodes, Lesvos & Kos leave in the evening. With a cabin it's like going to sleep in a hotel and waking up in a new place.

The new ferries are like airplanes on the sea. You sit in comfortable chairs, they show movies on the TV and there are snackbars with decent food. Frequency of boats vary from island to island. To get to the port of Pireaus from Athens take the metro from the stop closest to you (probably Monastiraki or Omonia) to the last stop: Pireaus.

The boats are across the street. There is a map on the dock that tells you where to find the ferries for each island. If you don't have a ticket you can buy them at the boat too though if you want a cabin you should get it in advance. Also if you are traveling to the islands on the days preceding Easter and the 15th of August or any Friday in July and August you should buy your tickets in advance. The same goes with returning after those dates and on Sundays.

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