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Amfiteatre Rom  


The Roman Amphitheater is situated at the seaside, immediately off the Rambla Nova. At the foot of Miracle Park and noticeably stamped from a cliff that ascends from the coast, this Roman amphitheater remembers the days in the 2nd century when thousands assemble here for leisure and entertainment.

At the uppermost point of Tarragona lies this 12 th century cathedral, who s structural design signify the evolution from Romanesque to Gothic architecture. It has a massive, vaulted entrance hall, impressive stained-glass windows, a Romanesque walkway, and an open choir. In the foremost apse, view the altarpiece of St. Thecla , patron of Tarragona , carved by Pere Joan in 1430. Two ostentatious doors open into the chevet. The east gallery is the Museu Dioces , with a nice collection of Catal art.

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