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Staying healthy  



Take your prescription with you if you are carrying prescribed medicines. Do not exceed the quantities needed for your personal use during your trip, as large quantities of drugs can create suspicion.

Travel insurance

You may want to take out travel insurance as only some EU countries pay the full cost of medical treatment. Illness or an accident abroad may mean extra travel, accommodation and repatriation costs, for which you may want to be insured.

There are in general no immunisation requirements when travelling in the EU. However, there are requirements or recommendations for certain of the EU's overseas territories.

Staying healthy  


As an EU national, if you are suddenly taken ill or have an accident during a temporary visit to any EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you can get free or reduced-cost healthcare. Only publicly funded health treatment is included in this scheme and each country has its own rules for public medical provision. In some, treatment is free, in some you pay part of the cost, in others you have to pay the full cost and then claim a refund. So keep all your bills, prescriptions and receipts.

Travelling in Europe  


Travelling in Europe is the European Union's official website for people travelling in the 27 countries of the EU. Whether you are on holiday or on business, you will find practical advice and helpful tips on a wealth of subjects, from what documents you need, to getting healthcare and using your mobile phone.

There is so much for the traveller to discover and all this has been made much easier thanks to the European Union. You can cross many borders within the EU without being checked and the euro makes it easier to shop around for bargains. So take advantage of all that is on offer and explore.



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