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Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. In the North it borders Honduras on the North and Costa Rica on the South. The Pacific Ocean borders the west of Nicaragua, while the Caribbean sea borders the Eastern side. The country is not really on the tourist's most wanted list. This has mainly to do with the the political turmoil it went through in the 80s; not with a lack of interesting things to see and do there.

Nicaragua is pretty stable now and for the traveler who is willing to go the extra mile to find the unexpected it is a great destination.

The capital city of Managua is the right in the center of the country. Many of the sights can be seen as a daytrip from there.

For real adventure head out to Bluefields the old pirates' nest on the Mosquito Coast. The atmosphere is Carribean there, with reggae and rum as central ingredients for a good time.

Spend time in the homes or visitors' cabins on the beautiful Miraflor Nature Reserve, near Esteli. Walk, ride, relax, swim in pools, look for quetzals and orchids; learn about fairtrade and organic coffee from the co-operative of small coffee producers and farmers, UCA Miraflor, which has an office in Esteli (website This is true community eco-tourism; young local guides have been learning English so you have a great visit even if your Spanish isn't up to much.


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