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Situated on the two sides of the Mures river (its northern part lies in the Crisana province while its southern part is in the Banat Area 7,754 sq km 479,575 inhabitants (1995) Relief gradually descending from the east to the west, with the Western Carpathians covering 30% of the county's area, the Western Hills 15% and the Western Plain 50% Climate temperately-continental


Landmarks capital city of the Arad county; stretched along the banks of the Mures river; area 39.4 sq km; 187,286 inhabitants (1995); important economic centre with old cultural traditions and two universities Historical background 12th c. - first written record; between 1552-1600 and 1616-1687 respectively - under Ottoman rule (in 1600 was freed by the army of the Wallachian prince Michael the Brave); 1687-1867 - under the sway of the Hapsburg Empire; 1867-1918 - under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; September 1940 - seized by Hungary (Vienna Diktat); September 1944 - freed by Romanian troops Access by train - Bucharest (599 km), Timisoara (57 km), Oradea (121 km); by road - DN7 Bucharest (543 km), E64 Deva (153 km), E64 Nadlac (border on Hungary, 47 km away), DN69/E671 Timisoara (50 km), DN79/E671 Oradea (115 km); by air - international airport


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