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Until the Europeans came, HONOLULU was insignificant; soon so many foreign ships were frequenting its waters that it had become Kamehameha's capital, and it remains the economic center of the island. The city covers a long (if narrow) strip of southern Oahu, but downtown is a manageable size, and a lot quieter than its glamorous image might suggest.

The tourist hotels, and most of Honolulu's hustle, are concentrated among the skyscrapers of very distinct WAIKIKI , a couple of miles east.

The setting is beautiful, right on the Pacific and backed by dramatic cliffs and the extinct volcanoes of Punchbowl (a military cemetery) and Diamond Head ; but then beauty is not so rare a commodity on Hawaii, and you can see this sort of scenery in plenty of other places without a city in the middle of it.

What attracts most visitors to stay in Honolulu, and especially Waikiki, is the sheer hedonism of shopping, eating and generally hanging out in the sun. It's also the center of an exemplary public transportation system, facilitating exploration of the whole island.



Still cherishing the memory that it was from 1836 to 1845 an independent nation in its own right, TEXAS stands apart from the rest of the United States. While its sheer size - eight hundred miles from east to west and nearly a thousand from top to bottom - gives it a great geographical diversity, is firmly bound together by a shared history, culture and ideology.

Independence is key to the Texan mentality, from the overriding distrust of government - any government - to the absence of unionized labor. As the old anti-litter campaign put it, "Don't mess with Texas."

Preconceived ideas about what exactly is "Texan" are soon shattered. It's actually one of the most eclectic and cosmopolitan states in the Union and each of the major tourist destinations has its own distinct character. Hispanic San Antonio , for example, with its Mexican population and historic importance, has a laid-back feel absent from the big-city neurosis of Houston or Dallas , while trendy Austin revels in a lively music scene and intellectualism found nowhere else in the state.

Regional differences are vast. The swampy, forested east is more like Louisiana than the pretty Hill Country or the agricultural plains of the Panhandle , and the tropical Gulf Coast has little in common with the mountainous deserts of the west. Changes in climate are equally dramatic: snow is common on the Panhandle, whereas the humidity of Houston, in particular, is only made bearable by nonstop high-power air conditioning.

One thing shared by the whole of Texas is the constant boasting - everything has to be bigger and better than anywhere else. Such chauvinism is tempered both by a delight in self-parody and by the state's melting pot of cultures. The much-cited Texan friendliness is not imaginary; to be unwelcoming would simply be unpatriotic. Texas is, after all, named for a Native American word meaning friend, tejas , and a visit here, especially to the Panhandle or the Hill Country, is not for those who want to be alone.



Contrary to popular belief, there's no oil in glitzy, status-conscious DALLAS . Since its foundation as a prairie trading post, by Tennessee lawyer John Neely Bryan and his Arkansan friend Joe Dallas in 1841, successive generations of entrepreneurs have amassed wealth here through trade and finance, using first cattle and later oil reserves as collateral.

One early group of European settlers of the 1850s a group of French intellectuals and artists known as the La Reunion co-operative had to pack up and move on after a series of summer droughts and a harsh winter; the few who stayed would include a future mayor of Dallas. The city still prides itself on their legacy of arts and high culture.

The power of money in Dallas was demonstrated in the late 1950s, when its financiers threw their weight behind integration. Potentially racist restaurant owners and bus drivers were pressured not to resist the new policies, and Dallas was spared major upheavals. The city's image was, however, catastrophically tarnished by the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, and it took the building of the giant Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in the 1960s, and the twin successes of the Dallas TV show and the Cowboys football team in the 1970s to restore confidence.

After a slump in the late 1980s, the Cowboys are back in the big time, though their off-field antics have provided the nation's papers with some anti-Dallas copy once again.

Competitive with Houston, and smug about its cowtown neighbor Fort Worth, Dallas boasts of its ''sophistication'' and its ''old'' wealth. For all that, the stuffiness is tempered by a typically Texan delight in self-parody, and there's still fun to be had if you know where to look especially in the alternative Deep Ellum district, with its superb restaurants and nightlife.

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Green Mediterranean  


The Slovene coast which measures 46.6 kilometres is covered with abundant vegetation. Here is a natural reserve with a rich supply of marl and sandstone and the unique Strunjan cliff which ascends 80 metres above the sea and is the highest flysch wall on the Adriatic coast.

Here are the Sečovlje saltworks, first mentioned in the 13th century. Due to their extremely abundant natural and historical heritage they were named a regional park and are a rich sanctuary of plant and animal worlds. They play a very important role in the world of ornithology, because they offer ideal conditions for birds due to the warm climate and abundance of food in the saltwork pools. So about 200 bird species have been seen at the saltworks and they provide a natural habitat for about 80 bird species which nest there.

Here the towns of Piran, Izola and Koper attract visitors with their medieval image. Koper with its historical core represents one of the most picturesque parts of the northern part of the Istrian Peninsula. Water sports are very important; there are many regattas in the Bay of Koper and the town has built a small marina. It also organises the Summer Festival of Primorska. The town’s surroundings and the countryside are exceptionally attractive: the steep rock walls by Črni Kal and Osp provide an ideal place for lovers of free climbing and the countryside “ boasts” specific culinary and wine offers.



Recently declared the fourth most favoured holiday destinations of the world, India is fast picking up pace for adventure sports.
This is an area that has caught up not only as a hobby but as a serious profession. However, very few people know that India is highly untapped for adventure sports. It has the best of natural land and water facilities that an adventure sportsperson could ever wish for.

Whether you want to experience, the thrill of skiing down slopes of snow, rafting on some of the most exciting rivers in the country, trekking on beautiful lands, or hand gliding over deep gorges, India has everything to offer the braveheart.

India offers both variety and fun at prices that are most competitive. The diversity one comes across is staggering. While its mountains provide heli skiing, river running, trekking and mountaineering and its beaches provide excitement and fun of a different kind, the jungles provide ample opportunities for shooting wild life- with a camera.
If you have not had adventure in India, then you need to because you don’t know what adventure is about until you experience it in India!



Situated on the two sides of the Mures river (its northern part lies in the Crisana province while its southern part is in the Banat Area 7,754 sq km 479,575 inhabitants (1995) Relief gradually descending from the east to the west, with the Western Carpathians covering 30% of the county's area, the Western Hills 15% and the Western Plain 50% Climate temperately-continental


Landmarks capital city of the Arad county; stretched along the banks of the Mures river; area 39.4 sq km; 187,286 inhabitants (1995); important economic centre with old cultural traditions and two universities Historical background 12th c. - first written record; between 1552-1600 and 1616-1687 respectively - under Ottoman rule (in 1600 was freed by the army of the Wallachian prince Michael the Brave); 1687-1867 - under the sway of the Hapsburg Empire; 1867-1918 - under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; September 1940 - seized by Hungary (Vienna Diktat); September 1944 - freed by Romanian troops Access by train - Bucharest (599 km), Timisoara (57 km), Oradea (121 km); by road - DN7 Bucharest (543 km), E64 Deva (153 km), E64 Nadlac (border on Hungary, 47 km away), DN69/E671 Timisoara (50 km), DN79/E671 Oradea (115 km); by air - international airport



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Nagasaki is an attractively situated port city on the island of Kyushu and the capital of Nagasaki Prefecture.

As one of Japan's closest port cities to the Asian mainland, Nagasaki has played a prominent role in foreign trade relations for many centuries and was the most important of only a very few ports open to restricted numbers of foreign traders during Japan's period of isolation.

In more recent history, Nagasaki became the second city after Hiroshima to be destroyed by an atomic bomb towards the end of World War II.



Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture and the largest city of the Chugoku Region, the westernmost region on Japan's main island of Honshu. It is home to about one million people.

On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was chosen by US armed forces as the first ever target of an atomic bomb employed over a populated area. As a result, 200,000 civilians lost their lives, and Hiroshima became a city vehemently engaged in the promotion of peace.

Hiroshima's Peace Park including the memorial museum, and the island of Miyajima (literally: shrine island), located 40 minutes from the city center by train and ferry, are among Japan's most interesting tourist attractions.



Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost and least developed of Japan's four main islands.

Hokkaido's weather is harsh in winter with lots of snowfall, below zero temperatures and frozen seas, while in summer, it does not get as hot and humid as in the other parts of the country.

With its unspoiled nature, Hokkaido attracts many outdoor lovers, including skiers and snowboarders in the colder seasons and hikers, cyclists and campers from June to September.



With a population of 2.5 million, Osaka is Japan's third largest and second most important city. It has been the economic powerhouse of the Kansai region for many centuries.

Osaka was formerly known as Naniwa. Before the Nara Period, when the capital used to be moved with the reign of each new emperor, Naniwa was once Japan's capital city, the first one ever known.

In the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi chose Osaka as the location for his castle, and the city may have become Japan's capital if Tokugawa Ieyasu had not terminated the Toyotomi lineage after Hideyoshi's death and moved his government to distant Edo (Tokyo).



Tokyo is also one of Japan's 47 prefectures, but is called a metropolis (to) rather than a prefecture (ken). The metropolis of Tokyo consists of 23 city wards (ku), 26 cities, 5 towns and 8 villages, including the Izu and Ogasawara Islands, several small Pacific Islands in the south of Japan's main island Honshu.

The 23 city wards (ku) are the center of Tokyo and make up about one third of the metropolis' area, while housing roughly eight of Tokyo's approximately twelve million residents.

Prior to 1868, Tokyo was known as Edo. A small castle town in the 16th century, Edo became Japan's political center in 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu established his feudal government there. A few decades later, Edo had grown into one of the world's most populous cities.

With the Meiji Restoration of 1868, the emperor and capital were moved from Kyoto to Edo, which was renamed Tokyo ("Eastern Capital"). Large parts of Tokyo were destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and in the air raids of 1945.



Kabuki is a traditional Japanese form of theater with its origins in the Edo period. Kabuki, in contrast to the older surviving Japanese art forms such as No, was the popular culture of the townspeople and not of the higher social classes.

Kabuki plays are about historical events, moral conflicts in love relationships and the like. The actors use an old fashioned language which is difficult to understand even for some Japanese people. They speak in a monotonous voice and are accompanied by traditional Japanese instruments.

The kabuki stage (kabuki no butai) is a rotating stage and is further equipped with several gadgets like trapdoors through which the actors can appear and disappear. Another specialty of the kabuki stage is a footbridge (hanamichi) that leads through the audience.

In the early years, both, men and women acted in Kabuki plays. Later during the Edo period, the Tokugawa shogunate forbade the acting to women, a restriction that survives to the present day. Several male kabuki actors are, therefore, specialized in playing female roles (onnagata).

The best place for tourists to see a kabuki play is in the Kabukiza Theater in the Ginza district in Tokyo, where it is possible to rent English headphones and see just one act of a play instead of sitting through a whole performance which not seldomly lasts more than three hours.

Note that during kabuki plays, it is common for fans in the audience to shout the name of their favorite actor just in the right moment during short pauses.

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Located to the north of the Bavarian Alps, on the River Isar, MUNICH is the capital city of Bavaria, the largest federal state of Germany and one of Europe's most prosperous and expensive cities. Munich is a wonderfully charming 800-year-old city that enjoys contradicting itself, there folk traditions ride alongside BMWs and Black Forest cake shares the table with haute cousin.

Founded by Duke Henry the Lion, in 1158, within a century, the city had become the seat of the Wittelsbach dynasty, who ruled the duchy, electorate and kingdom of Bavaria until the end of World War I. Their influence is evident in the concentration of grand Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and neo-classical architecture adorning Munich’s streets. Possibly most significantly, the Wittelsbach’s patronage of the arts and extensive collections provided the basis for Munich’s world-class museums and galleries.



BERLIN is the largest city in Germany and it is best known for its historical associations as the German capital. It offers a wonderful combination of history, night life, architecture and culture. Berlin has modest beginnings, but over time it grew into a European powerhouse and since reunification in 1990 it became into a dynamic and creative city.

Berlin has wonderful sights although it is not as centralized or small as other European cities. It is also known as one of the greenest cities in Europe: over 60% of its surface area is either a park or a river, it is beautiful! Berlin is also an industrial city; key industries such as electronics, manufacturing and information technology reflect the hopes for a brighter future for the city.



STUTTGART is the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state and is located in the center of the populated southwestern of Germany. Stuttgart is an ideal starting point for excursions to the Black Forest, the Swabian Alb, the Lake of Constance, the Hohenloher Land as well as the neighboring countries of Austria, France and Switzerland. Stuttgart is a cosmopolitan area and it is one of the prominent and well-known German towns, particularly due to its cultural, administrative and huge economic importance.

Stuttgart was chartered in the 13th cent and it became a residence of the counts of Württemberg, who made it their capital at the end of the 15th cent. After World War I it became famous for its numerous modern buildings with an innovative architecture. In World War II, the center of the city was almost totally destroyed although after 1945 many old buildings were restored.

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Pender Islands  


The Pender Islands Parks and Recreation Commission has recently opened new beach-access points that are clearly marked and well maintained.

Fish for salmon, halibut or cod or cruise the coastline in a small boat. Bring diving gear and explore the underwater world. Pacific Shoreline Adventures offers fishing, whale watching & marine wildlife viewing charters with picnic lunch on board at beautiful Marine Park.

Killer whales - OrcaRent a kayak and tour the coastline and surrounding waters. Hike various trails that range in degree of difficulty from novice to experienced: Mount Elizabeth Regional Park and Mount Norman Regional Park have established trail systems. Play a game of tennis or a round of golf. Sample locally grown vegetables at roadside stands or shop for arts and crafts at many shops and galleries. Annual craft fairs, poetry readings, and exhibitions are held throughout the year.



The most southern of the Gulf Islands and fairly large in area, Saturna Island is a rural hideaway with abundant wildlife, quiet roadways and a sparse population. There are no camping facilities on the Island, however, there are several bed and breakfasts and resort cabins.

Boaters can dock at the government wharf. Amenities include two general stores, an organic orchard and garden shop, a pub overlooking the water, an excellent bakery and restaurant. Near Thompson Park at Saturna Beach is a new vineyard and winery.

Anahim Lake  


Anahim Lake is a unigue wilderness community situated on the West Chilcotin Plateau in central British Columbia. A place where time has stood still. Untouched wilderness surrounds you - natural wildlife roams freely and fish abound in lakes and streams. Fabulous hiking, snowmobiling and pack trips are available into the Itcha, Ilgatchuz and Rainbow Mountains.

The avid outdoors person is offered an unparalleled experience in back country recreation. In the summer go horseback riding, fishing, riverboating, canoeing and hiking. Fully guided hunting expeditions are offered in the spring and fall. Come winter take advantage of the snowmobiling and skiing adventures.

Enjoy riding in the high alpine among sparkling streams, wildflowers, and glistening lakes. The area has an abundant population of wildlife including moose, mountain sheep, mountain goats, cougars, wolves, both black and grizzly bears. Be sure your camera is ready as the photographic opportunities are endless.

The Fraser Valley  


The Fraser Valley stretches from Hope, in the northeast, to just east and south of Vancouver, following the course of the Fraser River as it flows towards the sea. The combined Fraser Valley and greater Vancouver area are known as the Lower Mainland.

It was named after explorer Simon Fraser in 1813 by David Thompson, (in turn, the Thompson River was given its name by Fraser.) The longest of British Columbia's rivers, the Fraser rises near Mount Robson Provincial Park on the central Alberta border, flows north and then loops south down the center of the province, cutting the deep gorges of the Fraser Canyon before reaching the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver. The river's total length is 1,368 km (850 miles).

Surrounding the Valley are the Coast Mountains to the north, the Fraser Canyon and mountains to the northeast, the Canada/US border to the south and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the west.

As you leave Vancouver, you journey through the bedroom communities of Vancouver, which include Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody. These are all within an easy one to one and a half hour from Vancouver.

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Bangladesh is one of the few countries in South Asia, which remains to be explored. Bangladesh has a delicate and distinctive attraction of its own to offer and it is definitely not a tourist haunt like Nepal or India.

Bangladesh is like a painter's dream come true with a rich tapestry of colors and texture. The traditional emphasis of the tourist trade has always been on the material facilities offered by a country rather than on its actual charms. This may be a reason why Bangladesh has seldom been highlighted in the World's tourist maps.

It's a land of enormous beauty, hundreds of serpentine rivers, crystal clear water lakes surrounded by ever green hills, luxuriant tropical rain forests, beautiful cascades of green tea gardens, world's largest mangrove forest preserved as World Heritage, home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the wild lives, warbling of birds in green trees, wind in the paddy fields, abundance of sunshine, world's longest natural sea beach, rich cultural heritage, relics of ancient Buddhist civilizations and colorful tribal lives, - Bangladesh creates an unforgettable impression of a land of peace.



Finland is a northern European country of four seasons for the discerning traveler, not a land of mass tourism. Summer season in Helsinki, winter at the skiing centers in Lapland and few happenings all year round temp enough people to make it a crowd, otherwise you can enjoy the space and silence in the pure northern nature. During the winter months you can have a skiing holiday or visit the Santa Claus and take a reindeer tour.

Summer offers you a wide variety of activity from trekking to urban holidays, or you can simply relax at a hidden summer cottage with a sauna near a lake. Besides the mainland with vast forests and thousands of lakes separated by few agricultural and urban areas, the Baltic Sea with widespread archipelagos offers plenty of possibilities for sailing and fishing. Helsinki and few other places are worth of visiting throughout the year. Finland has a high standard of living, comparable to other Nordic countries, facilities are good and especially the telecommunications are next to none in the world.

With an area of 338,000 square kilometers, Finland is the seventh largest country in Europe, located between Sweden and Russia. The Gulf of Finland separates southern Finland from Estonia and in the north Norway isolates Finland from the Barents Sea.



Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Estonia. The country itself may be less famous than its capital Riga, one of the most beautiful cities of the Baltic region.

About a third of the population of Latvia lives in the capital and for all purposes it is the best base for exploring the country. Since Latvia is relatively small, most of the other sights can be seen as daytrips from the capital.

Jurmala is the best beach resort to go to. It has been popular with city dwellers from Latvia for over 150 years and the city houses some great Jugendstil architecture. Apart from the beaches there are also forests here where you can go hiking.

Netherlands Travel Guide  


The Netherlands is a small democracy in the Northwest of Europe, between the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, and is known for much more than cheese, windmills, wooden shoes and tulips.

Its recorded history starts with the Roman invasion halfway through the first century A.D. but it had its heyday in the 17th century when it disputed hegemony of the Seven Seas with the English and the Spanish empires. In that period New York, parts of India, a series of forts along the African Coast and the Colonies in Indonesia formed part of the vast Dutch Empire.

Though most historic town centers in the Netherlands date back to the Dark Ages, most building was done in the era of oversea expansion and in the nineteenth century when the industrial revolution started. In Amsterdam, Leiden or Utrecht you can see the big 17th century mansions once owned by the commanders of the Dutch fleet and those of the rich merchants who financed the wars with their overseas gains. They were the Dutch elite.

Workshop and Home  


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East Timor  


Welcome to East Timor, southeast Asia's newest nation. Independence has brought mixed fortunes to this recovering conflict zone, and it remains a country in transition.

But it has fine beaches, colonial towns, rugged mountains and a lush interior, with Dili a taste of Portugal in the tropics.



The Kingdom of Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in southeast Asia with its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, robust cuisine and ruins of fabulous ancient kingdoms. Few countries are so well endowed.

From the stupa-studded mountains of Mae Hong Son and the verdant limestone islands of the Andaman Sea, to the pulse-pounding dance clubs of Bangkok and the tranquil villages moored along the Mekong River, Thailand offers something for every type of traveller.

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Hong Kong  


Hong Kong has the big city specials like smog, odour, 14 million elbows and an insane love of clatter. But it's also efficient, hushed and peaceful: the transport network is excellent, the shopping centres are sublime, and the temples and quiet corners of parks are contemplative oases.

The best thing about being in Hong Kong is getting flummoxed and fired by the confluences and contradictions of a Chinese city with multi-Asian and Western elements. It's about savouring new tastes, weaving through a human gridlock and humming some dumb Cantopop tune while slurping your noodles.

New York City  


They don't come any bigger than the Big Apple - king of the hill, top of the heap, New York, New York. It's got its fair share of the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, but it also has world-class museums, big statues, even bigger buildings, outrageous excess, and a whole lot of whooo-wheee!

New York is a densely packed mass of humanity and all this living on top of one another makes the New Yorker a special kind of person. It's hard to put a finger on what makes the place buzz so hard, but the city's hyperactive rush keeps drawing more and more people to it.

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Contrary to popular belief, there's no oil in glitzy, status-conscious DALLAS . Since its foundation as a prairie trading post, by Tennessee lawyer John Neely Bryan and his Arkansan friend Joe Dallas in 1841, successive generations of entrepreneurs have amassed wealth here through trade and finance, using first cattle and later oil reserves as collateral. One early group of European settlers of the 1850s a group of French intellectuals and artists known as the La Reunion co-operative had to pack up and move on after a series of summer droughts and a harsh winter; the few who stayed would include a future mayor of Dallas. The city still prides itself on their legacy of arts and high culture.

The power of money in Dallas was demonstrated in the late 1950s, when its financiers threw their weight behind integration. Potentially racist restaurant owners and bus drivers were pressured not to resist the new policies, and Dallas was spared major upheavals. The city's image was, however, catastrophically tarnished by the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, and it took the building of the giant Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in the 1960s, and the twin successes of the Dallas TV show and the Cowboys football team in the 1970s to restore confidence. After a slump in the late 1980s, the Cowboys are back in the big time, though their off-field antics have provided the nation's papers with some anti-Dallas copy once again.



Curved around the shore of Elliott Bay, with Lake Washington behind and the snowy peak of Mount Rainier hovering faintly in the distance, SEATTLE has a magnificent setting. The insistently modern skyline of glass skyscrapers gleams across the bay, an emblem of three decades of aggressive urban renewal.

Seattle's beginnings were inauspiciously muddy. Flooded out of its first location on the flat little peninsula of Alki Point, in the 1850s the town shifted to what's now Pioneer Square, renaming itself after the Native American Chief Sealth (hence Seattle). This was soggy ground, and the small logging community built its houses on stilts. As the surrounding forest was gradually felled and the wood shipped out, Seattle grew slowly until the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 put it firmly on the national map. World War I boosted shipbuilding, and the city was soon a large industrial center. Trade unions, based around the shipworkers, grew strong, and the Industrial Workers of the World, or "Wobblies," coordinated the US's first general strike here on February 6, 1919.

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This former Hippies' Paradise is still paradise for those who love sea, sun and sand. Besides the possibility of doing all sorts of sports such as diving, golfing, surfing and bungee-jumping, you can surely spend your money on shopping. Along the sea-side, you'll find plenty of shops and stalls. Life does not stop when the sun sets on Kuta. There are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can dance and drink the night away.

Kuta can be roughly divided into four areas: Seminyak, Kuta, Legian and Tuban. Kuta is the main centre of all the ongoing activities. Although the three other areas are becoming increasingly popular, these are still the places to head off for when all hotels and restaurants are packed in Kuta or when you simply want to have a change of 'scenery'.



Lovina is the group name for a bunch of small coastal villages on the north coast of Bali. It is probaly better known as the snorkelling, swimming and relaxing paradise and you won't have a problem finding accommodation, 'cause the area is packed with hotels.

Despite the flock of tourists to the black volcanic beaches and their urge to spot dolphins, Lovina is still quite laid back, unspoilt and not that expensive.

Bali Travel Guide  


Although it is relatively small compared to the other two favourite Indonesian holiday destinations Sumatra and Java, Bali most certainly did not escape the Indonesian lover's attention.

Whereas one can find great extended areas of dense forests on Sumatra and Buddhist centres (such as the one at Borobodur) and vulcanoes on Java, Bali has a lot of the same kind - and maybe even of a prettier kind. However, everything is on a smaller scale, because Bali is not only small in size but also has a high density of population.

Mount Bromo on Java has found a serious competitor in the 3142 metres high Gunung Anang. On the side of this volcano, you can find one of the most important temple complexes on Bali, the Pura Besakih. Climbing the volcano offers a good day-trip and lends you the opportunity to get a lot closer to the smouldering beating heart of this volcano than you'd probably ever dreamt of. When the smell of sulphur makes you gasp for breath and you want to catch some fresh air, take a few days hike in the forest or check out the volcanic lakes, such as Lake Bratan and Bratur, and their surrounding sawahs.

You can still see true Balinese culture in one of the remoter villages that stretch out into the inland. However, it is the international travel culture that rules and prevails in and around Kuta. This city (and it surroundings) is well-known for its beaches. The place is swarming with hotels, restaurants, shops and clubs and you can participate in anything, ranging from diving and surfing lessons to bungee-jumping or just lying in the sun. Everything relating to sun, sea and sand, you'll come across in this former hippies paradise. When you've had enough of it, you can always head for the capital Denpasar, Ubud or one of the other lesser explored areas.

No visit to Bali can be complete without visiting magnificent Jimbaran Bay. The Bay is just outside Denpasar and is a long, beautiful sandy beach with the old fishing village of Jimbaran at one end. The beach is lined with small, family type restaurants offering fresh sea food with the main attraction being that you can choose your sea food, choose the cooking method and enjoy it overlooking the beach and the spectacular sunsets. At the other end of the tourist experience, Jimbaran is also the location of resorts such as the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton, with the Bali locations typically being rated as some of the finest (and most expensive) in the world.

Playa de Carmen  


If you feel like you want to be at modern type of vacation where you can enjoy luxury and nature, there is Playa de Carmen condo rentals that would fit perfectly to your needs.

Playa de Carmen villas are close to nearby beaches. Your honeymoon will become memorable in this place. Playa de Carmen condo rental are the best choise to wedding ceremony or business meeting. Playa de Carmen vacation homes give you total solution for your vacation.

I have come accross many vacation sites in the internet but this one really caught my attention. It is really cool and one of a kind. So if you are intersted, take a look at Playa de Carmen villas.

The beaches of Playa Del Carmen and Mayan Riviera are beautiful, but your holiday in Playa del Carmen Condos will be even more appealing. It’s not only spectacular oceanfront views, but you will get easy access walking distance to all playa's fine dinning and shopping.

Island Of Sifnos  


This is a nice way to start your trip to Greece. It's a quiet and beautiful island that has retained its Greek character where you can relax and get yourself acclimated to Greek life.

You may never want to leave. And with the new High-Speed Cats you can be there in a little more than 2 hours! I have spent at least two weeks here every summer since 1984 and before that my parents used to go here.

If you are traveling with children this is my first choice. The beach at Kamares is shallow, with cafes and restaurants right there on the sand. Platiyialos is one of the most beautiful beach towns in Greece.

Island-Hopping and Combinations  


For people traveling to the Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos) and the more popular islands like Crete and Rhodes, choosing an island package is often the best way to go.

On Fantasy Travel's website you can pick your hotels and choose which islands you want to visit. You can go to from one to five islands and they will take care of the details of getting you from one island to the next.

These are not tours and you are not with a group. You can also customize your trip to suit your individual needs.

Ferryboats to the Greek Islands  


The best way to the Greek islands is by ferry boat.They are cheap and relaxing with restaurants, snack bars and beautiful scenery. The boats to the far Greek islands like Crete, Rhodes, Lesvos & Kos leave in the evening. With a cabin it's like going to sleep in a hotel and waking up in a new place.

The new ferries are like airplanes on the sea. You sit in comfortable chairs, they show movies on the TV and there are snackbars with decent food. Frequency of boats vary from island to island. To get to the port of Pireaus from Athens take the metro from the stop closest to you (probably Monastiraki or Omonia) to the last stop: Pireaus.

The boats are across the street. There is a map on the dock that tells you where to find the ferries for each island. If you don't have a ticket you can buy them at the boat too though if you want a cabin you should get it in advance. Also if you are traveling to the islands on the days preceding Easter and the 15th of August or any Friday in July and August you should buy your tickets in advance. The same goes with returning after those dates and on Sundays.

Poker Room for us players  


Poker is one of the most popular card games on the internet. There are many sites that offer poker online. When finding a good online poker site it is not only important to find on that offers many games, but also a site that gives you enough security.

Many sites don't offer enough security when entering your bank details so this is why it is important to find a good poker site that is secure.

Poker strategy includes a collection of approaches like folding when it is time to fold, playing without feeling pressurized, playing with respect to the position in the table image, bluffing in the right place and lot more of situational actions required in poker playing.

If you want to know more about poker strategy, please visit this poker school site.

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