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Travel health  

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Travel across the world is now so common that it is easy to forget to protect yourself against health risks in the country you are travelling to.

You may find it difficult and expensive to get health treatment in some countries. But there are things you can do before you go abroad to protect you and your family's health.

Protecting your health

* buy adequate and appropriate travel insurance
* check with the Department of Health (DoH) for the latest medical advice for travellers to the country you are going to
* find out what vaccinations you need at least six weeks before you travel. Your GP's surgery will be able to tell you
* take enough supplies of any medication that you have been prescribed and carry a copy of the prescription with you. Also carry any medical letters about your health condition to help doctors and nurses abroad if you are taken ill
* if you are travelling within the EU, apply online, by phone, or at a post office for a European Health Insurance Card.


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