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Overseas travel  

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Planning is the key to any safe trip.
Travel information from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office website offers lots of travel information including:

* official Foreign Office travel advice for over 200 countries, country-specific travellers' tips, and links to travel advice of foreign governments
* what to do before you depart, passports and visas, travel insurance, money matters, health matters, dangers of drugs and keeping your home safe
* travellers' checklists to make sure you are well prepared and have a safe holiday

# precautions while you're away: security and general tips on customs, laws and even driving abroad
# what to do if something goes wrong during your trip
# answers to the most frequently asked questions
Vaccinations and health

The Department of Health website has advice on:

* avoiding health risks, including country specific advice on vaccinations
* planning for healthy travel
* getting emergency medical treatment
* getting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which entitles you to free or reduced-cost emergency medical treatment in some European countries

The website information is based on the Health Advice for Travellers booklet which is available at Post Offices, or by calling the Health Literature Line 0800 555 777.
Medical treatment in many countries is very expensive so consider taking out appropriate travel insurance that covers you and your family.

Over exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer (cases of which are on the rise), heatstroke and sunburn.


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