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Holidays in the UK for disabled people  

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This information relates to UK tailored holidays and breaks for disabled people, families and carers.
Organisations and charities providing holidays and breaks

There are many organisations and charities which arrange and provide holidays for disabled people. These can save you the time and trouble of organising things for yourself and you are usually guaranteed access and assistance - but you might get less choice of where to go, what to do and where to stay.

Types of holiday and breaks

There are many types of holiday to suit people with different impairments or disabilities. Here are some ideas:

* activity holidays - including swimming, sailing, riding and camping
* more leisurely holidays that include tours and sightseeing
* walking holidays with a particular theme, for example, birdwatching

As well as hotels and guesthouses, types of accommodation also include:

* self-catering cottages
* holiday parks and activity centres
* camp-sites

Types of support while on holiday

Special equipment, adapted vehicles, nursing and care services may be important considerations on holiday. Some travel companies deal specifically with holidays for disabled people. They will take into account accessible buildings, local attractions and leisure facilities.

Depending on your needs - and the holiday destination you choose - support may be provided by professional carers and/or nurses as well as volunteers. You may be able to choose the level of care required.
Attractions and accessibility

Many organisations provide specialist information for holiday makers with particular disabilities. For example, tourist attractions that subscribe to the English Tourist Council's National Code of Practice for Visitor Attractions will have considered the requirements of disabled people with special needs and will have made suitable provision.
Financial support

Some charities help towards holiday costs and some also own their own properties. Families on a low income, and with a disabled child, may be eligible for a grant towards the cost of a holiday. Contact your social services department of your local council.


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